A List of All the Books I Will be Reading and Reviewing

As of now, below is the list of books I intend to read as quickly as I can. By clicking on the book title you will be taken to my review on the book. By clicking on the author's name you will be taken to all of the books I will be reviewing written by them.

Hopefully I won’t be getting bored of these books as I’ve purchased them based on my interest in the topics and recommendations I’ve been given. The goal is for this list to grow as time goes on but currently this is all I have and I believe it’s more than enough as a start.

If, for any reason, I decide to not read a book in the original list I’ll make a new list of books I’ve decided not to read just so you can be introduced to them and decide for yourself if you’re interested.

I hope I’ll motivate some of you to read a few new books or just get into the habit of reading in general. Wish me luck with reading all of these! Some of these books were bigger than expected so let’s just hope it’ll be an enjoyable read.

Now, here are pictures of my bookshelf that contains all 162 books as of now (the stuff on tops are souvenirs from Egypt and Petra if you're wondering).



You can also visit the reviews page to organize by category.

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