The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin

My Review on The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin!

'This leisure the diligent man will obtain, but the lazy man never…'

The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin is very fast paced and I highly recommend it for just about anyone who’s at least remotely concerned with the topic of money. With just 30 pages more has been covered than what authors use 250 pages to discuss with readers.

A lot of wisdom is shared with us and when discussing spending, I found that the saying “A small leak will sink a great ship” to be exactly what I needed to hear at the current moment considering how much I’ve recently been spending on various small expenditures.

I found this small book to be rather fun to read as it doesn’t take much time, get’s straight to the point, and even appears to contain a rhyming scheme here and there. Though I didn’t test this, I’m pretty sure if one is to read this book every morning, weekly, or even bi-weekly it will serve as a great reminder of things we unintentionally forget and can prove to be very beneficial.   

'We are taxed twice as much by our idleness, three times as much by our pride, and four times as much by our folly…'

Some of the most valuable lessons that can be taught in finances are actually very simple yet overlooked. This book brings such lessons in front of us so we (the readers) are given yet another opportunity to acknowledge them. Whether you aspire to be the next Warren Buffett or you’re just a teenager with a small spending problem, this book will be advantageous regardless.

The book really only consisted of about 30 pages so to go on for a decade just to review it is doable but isn’t needed. I do highly encourage this book for anyone and, if you can’t already tell, find the information to be very valuable though obvious.

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